Our store respects the confidentiality of your information and ensures that your data will not be released, transferred or sold to third parties. All information provided on our site is used exclusively for purchase procedures, customization, facilitation and are not available to third parties. The data provided is recorded in our database in an automated way and stored safely without human intervention. Emails and phones available are used only for contacts related to purchases made on our site. Only with prior authorization of customers, we send emails informing the current promotions in our store, but our customers can request not to receive the offers at any time. We don't store information that is not necessary for the realization of purchase. Passwords provided in our database are stored in an encrypted manner, so nobody besides their owners will know them. The credit card numbers provided are recorded directly in the database of card companies, not allowing access to this information from the shopkeeper. When entering your card information, the company performs the verification of the online transaction and returns only if the purchase is released or not. Our shop is equipped with the most modern security certificates. Through it, all the information carried over the Internet is encrypted.

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