Formas de pagamento


The payment of your purchases can be made by credit cards, bank slip, or transfer (purchase requested by e-mail

The installment policy may change; check it at the time of purchase to know the amount of installments and the amount of the minimum installment.

The whole operation is done in a totally safe environment.


We accept credit cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, Hipercard and Elo, purchases can be divided into up to two credit cards and installments up to 04x (four times) without interest.

To ensure your safety, we rely on the support of companies specializing in data conferencing.

In case of payment by credit card, the release can occur within 24 hours after the order is closed.

If the cardholder refuses the purchase request, the order will be automatically canceled and we will send you the information by e-mail, so it is important to always keep it up-to-date. If this happens, check the reason with your credit card administrator.

NOTE: After the completion of your purchase, the payment and installment options can not be changed.


This form of payment does not offer installments, and has a single cash payment amount.

The ticket has a validity period of 03 (three) calendar days after the confirmation of the request. If the ticket is not paid, the order will be automatically canceled.

To make the payment through the bank slip, select the Boleto Bradesco option and click Confirm Payment, then click Generate Ticket. Print the bank slip and make payment until the due date at any bank branch, through the Internet or lottery house.

The deadline for confirmation of payment is up to 03 (three) business days. The deadline for delivery begins after confirmation of payment by the financial institution.

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